San Gabriel Valley Home Care: Learn a New Language, Increase Brain Function after Stroke

a-1 home care cancer care encinoParlez-vous français?  Sprechen Sie deutsch?  Parli italiano?  Scientific studies show that the more languages you know, the better your chances are of having normal cognitive function after a stroke, according to the American Heart Association journal, Stroke.  The study shows that bilingual patients “performed better than single language patients on attention, information retrieval and organization.”  Not only does being bilingual or multilingual make you look smart, it also may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, based on previous research results.  “The advantage of bilingualism is that it makes people switch from one language to another, so while they inhibit one language, they activate another to communicate,” stated Suvarna Alladi, a neurology professor at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS).  When it comes to providing elder care in Southern California’s diverse demographic regions, A-1 Home Care in San Gabriel is unique in having a culturally diverse pool of caregivers, many of whom have former nursing and educational backgrounds.


Intelligent Companion Care for Stroke Patients

Before your elderly loved one suffers a stroke, if you suspect any signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is highly important to hire an in-home caregiver who can provide not only assistance around the house, such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation, but someone who could also bring a little extra to the table, like a lesson in the caregiver’s own native language.  A-1 Home Care has a vast pool from which you can choose Filipino, Cambodian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, and other ethnic caregivers who live in San Gabriel Valley.  Matching the right caregiver with your elderly loved one is important, which is why A-1 Home Care’s experienced care managers will link you with someone who will engage your loved one in stirring pleasant memories, creating emotional bonds with others, inspire positive self-expressions, and participate in activities that stimulate and promote intellectual growth.


Affordable, High Quality Elder Care in San Gabriel Valley

A-1 Home Care has been serving the communities of Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Alhambra, Temple City, Altadena, San Marino and other cities throughout San Gabriel Valley.  Established in 1991, A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured home care agency that recruits only the best of San Gabriel’s caregivers, certified nurse assistants, companion care aides, and certified home health aides.  No matter where you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, we have a caregiver who lives in your area who is First-Aid/CPR-certified and prescreened.  Affordable live-in and live-out caregiver services are available with easy financing options and reasonable payment plans.  A-1 Home Care also accepts Veteran Benefits and long-term care insurance from providers such as John Hancock, MetLife Insurance and Penn Treaty.


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Bone Density Test for Osteoporosis

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Bone density decreases over time and become more prone to fractures.  While women are twice as likely to experience a bone fracture, both men and women should consider having a bone density test to determine whether they have osteoporosis or a bone density number that they should be worried about. Certainly, if you are younger than 50 years old, your bone mass should still be in good shape that you shouldn’t need to worry.  However, if you have a family history of osteoporosis, a woman over 65 years old, or a man over 70, you should have a bone density test.  Knowing that you have osteoporosis or low bone density can guide you toward the best treatment to lower your risk of bone fractures.

 A-1 Home Care‘s caregivers are highly reliable and experienced, and are able to assist in services such as meal preparation, light housecleaning, hygiene management, safety monitoring, medication supervision, grocery shopping, and other errands.   Professional caregiving is one of the most useful and appreciated gift for seniors.  Not only does it provide them with the support they need, it also improve their quality of lives.  Our services include Alzheimer Care, Diabetic CareAfter Surgery Care,  Cancer Care, Post Stroke Care, Hospice Care, Incontinence Care, Parkinson Care, and other home care scenarios.  Our coverage spans in the communities of Pasadena,  Altadena, San Marino, Arcadia, Temple City, Sierra Madre, Duarte, Monrovia, and other areas in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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Long Term Care Planning for Elderly Guardians

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Unable to make any informed decisions on their medical care, financial issues, or living arrangements, elderly living with serious physical or cognitive illnesses may require another person to make such informed decisions for them.

A legal guardianship is a way that a court can appoint an appropriate guardian  when there was no prior estate planning or power of attorney established.  Furthermore, a guardian can be obtained by any competent adult who have no criminal history.  Typically, the court would favor a family or a close friend of the elderly person as they know the in’s and out’s of the person’s life. Often times, living arrangements need to be made for these individuals due to their state of health, thus long term care planning becomes an important part of the responsibilities for the appointed legal guardian.

A-1 Home Care in San Gabriel Valley makes it easy to find any long term care solutions.  Our qualified caregivers are highly experienced, CPR certified, and work ethics to provide the best quality of life seniors can enjoy.  Not only do we find the best and the brightest care professionals in Los Angeles and Orange County, but we carefully select the caregiver to match the compatibility with the client, creating a lasting relationship that benefits both the family and the senior.  The caregivers at A-1 Home Care specialize in the field of Alzheimer’s Care, Brain Injury Care, Parkinson’s Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Incontinence Care, Kidney Disease Care, Post Stroke Care, and more.

If you are interested in our caregiving service and live in the ares of  ArcadiaPasadena, Rosemead, San Marino, Temple City, Altadena, , Alhambra, Monrovia, Azusa, Duarte, , don’t hesitate to contact our office today!

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Bringing The Holiday Cheers For Seniors in Pasadena


Our team at A-1 Home Care in San Gabriel Valley believes in lending our helping hands for community service.  On Monday, our field supervisor Michael, along with case manager Jackie, and social media bloggers Jesus and Hanna were welcomed by an activity room filled with seniors eagerly awaiting for the event at the Two Palms Convalescent Hospital in Pasadena.  We began with a presentation about the spirit of the holidays, then proceeded to entertain them with a few classic Christmas scenes from movies as well as joyous Christmas music.


Once everyone was settled in and got excited about the holidays, we then began the main arts and crafts event by handing each participant ornaments and creative supplies to personalize their own.  After all the glues and glitters were dried, the Christmas tree at the center got a little more personalized, and everyone  had a great time and Christmas cannot arrive sooner!

Our staff had a wonderful time sharing the Christmas cheers at the Two Palms Convalescent Hospital, and we hope everyone can have as big a smile this holiday season as the seniors we interacted with in Pasadena.

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Use Lifelong Learning To Maintain Brain Health

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One of the best advice I have received is “Learn to love to learn”, and that sentiment should be echoed across the country.  Learn new things can stimulate our brain, and it is a very rewarding experience to learn.  Because of neuroplasiticity, our brains can still grow as a result of effective stimulation, and being a lifelong learner is one of the best way to keep your brain healthy and fit.  From community college to the lifelong learning institute around the countries to the internet, there are many ways for older people to get their brain sharper, and lower their risk of dementia.

If you know someone with early onset or later stage Alzheimer’s, then look no further than A-1 Home Care in San Gabriel Valley.  We have an extraordinary team of quality caregivers who are compassionate and dedicated to their jobs, and does an excellent job in Alzheimer Care, Diabetic Care, After Surgery Care,  Cancer Care, Post Stroke Care, Hospice Care, Incontinence Care, Parkinson Care, and other home care challenges.  They have the skills to prepare meals, offer medication reminders, housecleaning, lifting of patients, incontinence care, showering, transportation, and more.  For over 20 years, we have been serving the San Gabriel Valley with great pride, covering areas such as Arcadia, Pasadena, San Marino, Temple City, Rosemead, Alhambra, Monrovia, Azusa, Duarte, and many more cities around Los Angeles and Orange County.

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The 4 A’s to Focus on in Stress Management

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Avoid, Alter, Accept, and Adapt.

Using one of these methods can begin to help you live a more balanced life, reduce your stress, and provide you with greater abilities to cope with stress also increases according to the Mayo Clinic.

Whether it is a person, the surrounding, or situations, there are certain things that you can simply avoid and not face the stress that comes with it.  For example, avoid stressing over getting to work on time by taking the longer, less traffic routes and leaving home earlier.

Lifestyle and bad habits could be a cause for stress as well.  So altering some things in life, such as being more open about sharing your feelings with others, learn better time management, or even asking others respectfully to change some of their behaviors can put less stress on yourself.

There are some things that we cannot control or change, and many people have difficulties accepting these circumstances.  If you can learn to have a talk with others about things that are bothering you, or forgive someone who have angered you, then your stress will become more manageable.

Finally, being stubborn will not get you anywhere.  One must learn to adapt.  Changing your unattainable goals to more realistic ones, stop your negative thoughts before it begins to creep up on you, and adopting a mantra like “I can handle this” or “could be worse” can help you stay positive and cope with any stress you might have.

Stress relief should not be tackled alone, there should always be support and assistance from others.  If you have loved ones who are stressed and you wish you could provide more support in addition to the time you have already provided, then consider caregivers from A-1 Home Care.  Our caregivers are experts in providing the best in home care around town.  We cover the areas of Arcadia, Pasadena, San Marino, Temple City, Rosemead, Alhambra, Monrovia, Azusa, Duarte, and many more cities around San Gabriel Valley.  For over 20 years, our company has been improving the life quality for those needing After Surgery Care, Alzheimer Care, Diabetic Care, Hospice Care, Incontinence Care, Cancer Care, Post Stroke Care, Parkinson Care, and other elderly home care services.

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Caregiver Service After Surgery in San Gabriel Valley

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The heart is arguably the most important piece of organ we have in our body.  So when the heart is having a problem, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  For those who have irregular heart beats, had a congestive heart failure, or other heart diseases, a pacemaker may often do the trick in maintaining a suitable heart rate and rhythm for the heart muscle according to WebMD.  Having a pacemaker inside your body sounds like something that might require a major procedure.  However, it is far from the truth  as it is simply implanted under the skin of the chest in a minor surgical procedure. After the surgery , a complete check up is done six weeks after the pacemaker is implanted.  This follow up is very important because adjustments are made to extend the life of the pacemaker.

After having a pacemaker implanted, physically demanding tasks around the house should be delegated to other people such as family, friends, or professional caregivers.  A-1 Home Care in San Gabriel Valley offers caregivers such as Ruth Jackson, Natali Crystobal, and Linda Enriquez who are reliable, generous and always ready to make a difference in After Surgery Care, Diabetic Care, Hospice Care, Incontinence Care, Cancer Care, Parkinson Care, and other elderly home care services.  For over 20 years, our services have been trusted by seniors and elderly in the communities of Arcadia, Pasadena, San Marino, Temple City, Rosemead, Alhambra, Monrovia, Azusa, Duarte, and many more cities around San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County.  So if you know someone who recently had an operation and in need of a professional caregiver, A-1 Home Care is the affordable solution.

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