Surgery Care Near San Gabriel Valley

Are you considering surgery?
We are all aware that Surgery can be painful and the recovery process may take long. Some surgeries require you to stay at home for a long period of time and this can disrupt your daily activities. One can no longer perform activities as they used to and therefore may need help in bathing, feeding, looking after their Children or pets, they may also need assistance running errands or might have trouble performing light housecleaning.

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A-1 Home care can help by providing you or someone you know with a professional caregiver for your needs. Caregivers are CPR trained and can assist you with personal care. Regardless of the surgery, our Caregivers can assist you with your daily needs. We have Live-In Home Care available as well hourly care. If you are stuck in the hospital and would like company, we can help by using our Companion Services and we can assign a Hospital Sitter so you won’t feel as lonely. Aside from caregivers, A-1 Home Care has home helpers, nurse aides, companions that serve Altadena, Arcadia, City of Industry, Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, San Dimas, and all other cities throughout San Gabriel Valley. Call us at 626-287-0250 for more information on surgery care near San Gabriel Valley.

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Caregiver Service After Surgery in San Gabriel Valley

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The heart is arguably the most important piece of organ we have in our body.  So when the heart is having a problem, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  For those who have irregular heart beats, had a congestive heart failure, or other heart diseases, a pacemaker may often do the trick in maintaining a suitable heart rate and rhythm for the heart muscle according to WebMD.  Having a pacemaker inside your body sounds like something that might require a major procedure.  However, it is far from the truth  as it is simply implanted under the skin of the chest in a minor surgical procedure. After the surgery , a complete check up is done six weeks after the pacemaker is implanted.  This follow up is very important because adjustments are made to extend the life of the pacemaker.

After having a pacemaker implanted, physically demanding tasks around the house should be delegated to other people such as family, friends, or professional caregivers.  A-1 Home Care in San Gabriel Valley offers caregivers such as Ruth Jackson, Natali Crystobal, and Linda Enriquez who are reliable, generous and always ready to make a difference in After Surgery Care, Diabetic Care, Hospice Care, Incontinence Care, Cancer Care, Parkinson Care, and other elderly home care services.  For over 20 years, our services have been trusted by seniors and elderly in the communities of Arcadia, Pasadena, San Marino, Temple City, Rosemead, Alhambra, Monrovia, Azusa, Duarte, and many more cities around San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County.  So if you know someone who recently had an operation and in need of a professional caregiver, A-1 Home Care is the affordable solution.

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